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Edbix is a knowledge Acquisition and Assessment platform powered by innovative use of Artificial Intelligence and Comprehensive Knowledge Banks.

About edbix

What edbix provide?

Edbix mentors’ students to excel and enable them to sail through competitive exams like NEET, IIT JEE, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and SAT. Edbix supports a conversational Adaptive Learning enabled Chat Bot tutor which is personally tailored and motivating to engage positively with the new generation of digital native leaners.


The problem of current systems

Traditional Educational Apps and Coaching classes follow the traditional quizzes and assessment approach which fail to engage the learner and make the learning process enjoyable.

The student soon tires of the mechanical quizzes and is often confused on how to access expert help when they run into learning difficulties. The personal touch and guidance is missing in the learning experience.

The Solution

What is the solution?

Edbix’s Knowledge Acquisition and Assessment platform makes learning personalized, effective and fun, thereby helping students become future ready - anywhere and anytime.

Edbix Tutor Bot imparts the learning content and evaluates the learner in a natural conversational exchange. This helps the learners build a personal relationship with Edbix and makes the learning fun and effective.

Progress Tracking

EdBix tracks the entire learning progress and provide hints and directions as and when required. As you use EdBix more, it will learn more about how you learn. Over time, it can become quite sensitive to your individual learning style.

Online Tutors

EdBix also suggests the best available options for clearing the doubts through the best online or offline real tutors. Using the suggested video lessons students will be able to clear their doubts instantly.


Edbix platform is flexible and provides mobile app, website and a desktop software which makes learning more accessible and independent of devices.


Tutor Bots

At EdBix, we integrate Intelligent Conversational Bots and Adaptive Learning into the field of Education. We bring you the education platform of the future, right now, today.

Our goal is to create Tutor Bots available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We accomplish this by providing a Knowledge Acquisition and Assessment platform powered by innovative use of Artificial Intelligence and Comprehensive Knowledge Banks, in collaboration with educational content providers, child psychologists and educational experts. The result is a cost effective educational experience that is more deep and complete than traditional curriculum.


What makes us Unique

Our uniqueness is in reinventing the traditional tutor model and introducing Artificial Intelligence and personalized feedback in a friendly and engaging conversational chat bot platform.

Intelligent & Precise Assessment

Edbix goes beyond traditional test prep software. Every response is tracked and continuously analyzed to pinpoint the learners strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects, topics or even chapters.

Real-time Progress

Edbix empowers learners to take ownership of their learning by giving them real-time updates on their progress.

Predictive Reporting

Edbix provides clear and deep insight into where students are going, not just where they currently are. The Personalized Adaptive Learning Score (PALS) Report leverages predictive analysis to give educators a clear projection of where students will be, well in advance of final assessment results and before it is too late to intervene with the help they need.

Pre Assessment Test

The topic based Pre Assessment Test allows EdBix to assess the current knowledge level and baseline the learner. The right Learning Strategy is identified based on this baseline score, providing a learning approach that will be best suited for the learning needs of each individual learner.

Leadership Dashboard

The Leadership Dashboard maximizes the use of individual student data, providing you continual insight on student progress toward learning goals. Additional reports measure progress towards mastery and key performance details, such as rate of module completion, time spent, average errors per problem and more.

Tutor Connect

Edbix connects you with the best rated tutors for the specific topic in which you may need help. Learners can connect to the tutors online and get assistance on their problem areas.

Our Team

Edbix was born to bring out innovations with technology in the field of Education. Edbix has the right blend of Experience coupled with hard work and passion. Our integrated team of Educationalists and Technology Experts are united in doing our best to enable our learners achieve complete mastery and excel in their fields.


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